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June Converse

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Six Stars

The questions that this book poses, through the lens of the characters, translates into deep questions for the reader to evaluate as well.
I found myself very emotionally connected to each and every character. The author does such a good job with describing them, so much so that you truly begin to understand them, down to knowing what they will choose to wear that day. I was rooting for Kathleen and Matt the whole way and I found myself liking Ian and Lisa a whole lot as well and can't wait to learn more about them (hopefully they will make an appearance in Book #3!)
The book got difficult as it touched on darker themes, but I knew as I turned the pages (as fast as I could because I HAD to know what happened next) that there was HOPE on the other side.
I loved it and I cannot wait for June's next book!
Amazon won't let me give this six stars, so five will have to do for today. 🙂


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