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June Converse

Thriving After Trauma - Author and Writing Coach

Powerful characters

The female lead in this romance is a woman of extraordinary strength and courage. She's deeply wounded in a way that most would never recover from. Enter our hero: a man smart enough to recognize her strength and value her for who she is. But loving her will never be easy. I cried more while reading this book than I usually do. The emotion and power of this story is beautiful, encouraging, hopeful! I could not put it down until I'd finished.


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June Converse with purple hair
Choosing to rebuild a life after a breakdown has been a challenge. I became an author and a blogger who openly shares...
All of my novels, at least so far, have an element of mental illness within a character. Decide to Hope is the most autobiographical in that I struggle in many ways exactly as the female protagonist.
- J.C.


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