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Emotional Connection

Cannot recommend this book highly enough!
For me, the criteria of a great book is an emotional connection of depth. While I thoroughly enjoy a book that makes me laugh out out, or chew my nails with anxiety, my all time favorites are ones where I, when the title is mentioned, exclaim, “I loved that book! I cried for the last X many minutes of it!”*
With Journey to Hope, I happened to be getting my nails done when I reached the climax of the book. As I sat behind a plexiglass shield and face mask, the tears came with a vengeance. I was sniffling into my mask and trying to hide my tears from technicians and other patrons, but I could not stop reading. I loved Matt and Kathleen from the first book, Decide to Hope, and now they are cemented into my memory with public tears.
*Time Travelers Wife, All the Light we cannot See, Shadow of the Moon, Mouse and Tim, just so you know the caliber of book we are talking about


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