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June Converse

Thriving After Trauma - Author and Writing Coach

Brilliant Depiction of Character

What would your journey to live again, to hope again be like if you were the sole witness and sole survivor of the murder of your entire family?
In Journey to Hope, June Converse vividly depicts the reclusive behavior of a disfigured woman tormented by grief and anger. Kathleen wants to live again, to love again, to hope again. To do so, she must seek and accept help.
With brilliant depiction of character, Converse transports the reader into the mind and world of a traumatized woman who questions her self-worth. On her journey to hope, she finds her answers in learning how to face her demons and how to move on. To move one, to hope again Kathleen must learn how to avoid the dead-end paths of prolonged grief and consuming anger.
Journey to Hope is an easy read that intrigues the reader with ‘what-next moments’ and realistic characters.


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June Converse with purple hair
Choosing to rebuild a life after a breakdown has been a challenge. I became an author and a blogger who openly shares...
All of my novels, at least so far, have an element of mental illness within a character. Decide to Hope is the most autobiographical in that I struggle in many ways exactly as the female protagonist.
- J.C.


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