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June Converse

Thriving After Trauma - Author and Writing Coach

An Emotional Journey from Despair to Hope

This is one of those books that make me think 'just one more chapter...!' Although I knew from the beginning what kind of horrific trauma Kathleen had faced, I was engrossed in every step of her journey as she finally begins to heal the past and allow herself to live/love again.
Matt was equally compelling and believable and their relationship was both complicated and pre-destined.
The author does an amazing job conveying a rehab experience, from the group dynamics and activities to the sometimes painful process of psychotherapy. This is a great read for anyone who wants to understand the impact of PTSD and enjoys an emotional journey from despair to hope.


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Choosing to rebuild a life after a breakdown has been a challenge. I became an author and a blogger who openly shares...
All of my novels, at least so far, have an element of mental illness within a character. Decide to Hope is the most autobiographical in that I struggle in many ways exactly as the female protagonist.
- J.C.


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