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Read Like an Author

In this class, we take eight weeks to read one bestselling novel and try to find that mystical power.  We look at plot and arcs and marketing.  We put on the hat of author, character, reader, and publisher.  It’s a book club on steroids.  And, like magic, what you learn applies to all stories (TV, movies, books) and makes every experience that much deeper.  Readers, writers, and anyone who loves story will enjoy this class.


I do not create a definitive syllabus because I allow the book to guide when we discuss the various components of a bestseller. But we will cover the following:

  • Story vs. Plot
  • Plot Requirements and Placement (using a variety of plotting methods)
  • Character Development and Arc
  • Genre Requirements
  • Marketing
  • Theme and Premise
  • Ideas and Story Development
  • Publishing and Marketing
  • Crafting and Editing
  • And Whatever Else Our Selected Gives Us to Discover

Details and FAQ:

Who would benefit from Read Like an Author?  Anybody who enjoys a story. This is not a class for writers – although writers may benefit greatly and enjoy it. This is a class for people who love to read and want a richer experience with every book they pick up or movie they watch.

Writers get a look behind the mirror and prove to themselves that all the theory is actually on the page. They can take this knowledge to their own work and create their own masterpiece.

Length of Course: 8 weeks plus a quick get together the week before we begin to select our book.

Cost: Regular price is $200 but this introductory virtual experience will be reduced to $100.

Class size: minimum of 6 and maximum of 10. If more than 10 people are interested, I will schedule a second session for a different evening.

Where do we meet? The class will take place on Zoom.

When do we meet? Tuesday evenings, 7-9PM EDT beginning May 25. We will have a 30-minute book selection on May 18.

What book do we read? The week before we begin, I will send you a list of ten fiction books across all genres. The books will have been published in the last ten years (we will NOT be doing classics). I will give some guidelines on how to choose and then we will meet as a team to make the final choice.

What if we choose a book I’ve already read? I promise this will not matter at all. You’ll see the book with new eyes.

How much do I have to read? We divide the book into 8 approximately equal parts, so it varies. But you can expect between 50-60 pages a week – that’s 9 pages a day. You will be asked NOT TO READ AHEAD.

What supplies will I have to gather? The book (preferably a paper copy), a ½ posterboard and a pen. I will send out PowerPoint slides and other handouts weekly. You can print these or not.

What if I miss a class? I will do my very best to make a recording of all classes but well, technology is not always my friend.


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