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I decided to spend a lot of time in 2021 reading and sinking into self-development books. But I don’t like the word Development. Many of us go to therapists and a therapist’s favorite saying is “It’s a process”. I hate that. I have many many virtues – patience is not one of them. Process is a cousin of Develop. It implies there is something that “needs work”. 

But you know what, I’m perfectly imperfectly developed!

Yet there are always corners of myself I haven’t discovered. My 2021 will be dedicated to shining the light on some of those places.

I am filled with excitement and trepidation. When I start to dig, there is no end to what I might uncover. But you know what, I’m ready. I’m brave.

So are you. I’m hoping you’ll join me. You can read along and be quiet. Or you can read along and share. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a group of people discovering together!?!?!? There is safety in numbers. If we get enough interest, I’ll create a private Facebook group.

Let’s make 2021 something better than 2020.

While I read these books, I will be sharing what I discover – the good, the bad, the joyful, the painful, the surprising. I promise, you will get my authentic vulnerability. Yes, that’s very frightening. Leaping into the unknown is always a wild adventure. Adventure is risk and reward. Adventure is life changing.


I wish we were sitting together. I’d love to know your first reaction. Which of these is new to you? Which would you be leery about reading? Which would excite you? Which do you think is a waste of time?

I’m excited about all of them because I believe everything we read (fiction or non-fiction) has something worthwhile to share – chapters of wisdom or maybe simply one sentence that resonates. Even if I hate one, it will be interesting to discover why I feel that way.

Time to go read and learn ~

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