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Let the Inner Critic Speak: Just Redirect Her!

Our inner critic has one favorite activity – knocking you off your game!  I just wrote another recipe that helped to shut the critic’s mouth.  As I did those activities, I realized I was having a ton of fun with one specific activity:

Imagine you are at dinner with a [fictional] character you absolutely HATE.  (Every story has a villain, right?)  What would you talk about?  What you would want to say?  What do you imagine the character would say back?

As I played this game, I realized my inner critic was having the time of her life!  And, since it was a fictional character, I could do/say/think whatever I wanted.  My inner critic is really pulling out all the stops – I’m truly laughing at her exuberance. 

Who do I hate? 

Let’s go with Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)

What would I say?

  • You killed your own kids – yes, you did.  You may not have pulled the trigger but you did it!  You are one cold-hearted b*$%^.
  • And, gross, sleeping with your own brother and having all these incestual kids – okay, it’s a different time but you had to know those kids would be frigging warped!  True, Jamie is cute but come on – show some integrity!
  • Do you ever listen to anyone other than yourself?  Just shut up, will ya!
  • I do have to admit – as much as I hate it – that blowing up your enemies was too cool.  But don’t you see how that might backfire – karma and all that?
  • Did you see Jamie’s face when you sat on that throne?  He’s the king killer – looks like he may be coming for you.  How do you plan to control him?
  • Who do you really think killed Joffrey?  You know it wasn’t Tyrion – you just blamed him to get rid of him.  And why do you really hate Tyrion so much – because he has integrity? 
  • Are you worried at all or do you just think invincible?  Can you not see the forces lining against you?
  • And people all around you really are starving – can you not live quite such a lavish, indulgent lifestyle?
  • Do you care that almost all viewers are looking forward to your demise?  Oh no, you don’t think George R Martin has the guts to get rid of you – ha!

Can you see why my inner critic is frolicking?  I’ve given her free reign (and trust me, she’s being more graphic than I can be here) ….

My inner critic is focused elsewhere and since I’ve given her such a dramatic character, she’ll stay busy for a while.  If I know her, she’ll move through all the characters in Game of Thrones.  I’ll have lots of time to get things done without her voice bringing me down! 

Trust me, Cersei won’t mind!  After all, she’s fictional.  And my having such vehement feelings just proves Lena Headey is a great actress!


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