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Flower Talk: A Unique Way to Express Yourself

I knew red roses meant love, white roses meant purity, etc. I didn’t realize
that almost every flower and herb has a meaning. Did you know, for example, that oregano represents joy? We’re going to use our brains and a touch of creativity to design a bouquet. As much as I’d love to be able to buy one, I doubt that would be affordable or even possible due to seasonal differences. Instead, we are going to use the internet and our printers.


  • Internet access
  • color printer
  • copy paper
  • posterboard (whatever size you desire)
  • pen/pencil
  • glue


  1. Decide who you are creating this for (I made one for me and one for my best friend). Note: just because you make it, you are under no obligation to share it – this is a strategy for you – you decide how vulnerable you want to be
  2. Find a website that tells you the meaning of various flowers (
  3. Choose flowers that say what you need to hear for yourself or what you need to say to someone else (the one for me focuses on various plants that relate to courage)
  4. Find and print pictures of these plants on the internet
  5. Arrange these pictures in a way that pleases you
  6. Glue the pictures down
  7. Either on the back of your poster or around the flowers, indicate the plant, the Latin name and it’s message
  8. If you want to be even more creative, give this bouquet a title, a border or other enhancements – let your creative side go a little wild
  9. If you want to spend the money or play in the real dirt, work with a florist or garden center to create a small garden that “speaks” to you


  • Did this project allow your mind and body to relax?
  • Did you find this project fun? Overwhelming? Frustrating? Stupid?
  • Did you find yourself being super critical?
  • If you enjoyed it, can you drill down and determine what aspects you specifically enjoyed? If you hated it or resisted doing it, can you identify what aspects made this idea abhorrent? Knowing the details of what works and doesn’t work for you will help you choose and design recipes for your own mental health.
  • Can you see ways to use/adapt this project to help you next time you need a mind break? Can you see how this project might help you communicate? For example, I’m not good with “touchy-feely” words so I made my best friend one that tells her what I feel about her. We never discussed it – I just gave it to her. That was a comfortable way for me to communicate.
  • Did you learn something (even one thing) about yourself? About flowers? About creativity?


Please share your bouquet with all of us fellow sufferers at


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