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Who I am

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In April 2012 I had a mental breakdown.  The real thing.  I have about 36 hours that I don’t remember.   Then I have 4 weeks of almost catatonic sitting and contemplating, well, contemplating nothing!  Next came 9 weeks of inpatient rehab 600 miles from my family.  At the end of that I had:

  • No career
  • No faith that I could trust
  • My family (they were so very supportive)
  • Few remaining friends
  • Poor physical health (fat, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic, etc. etc.)
  • Medical bills
  • Fears – so many fears
  • Anger – such anger!

I returned from rehab able to function in a limited capacity but at least I was past catatonic and had some clear (very clear) issues that needed resolution.  Who knew that four years later, I’d still be in the resolution process?

Today, I have no career, a mushy faith, my awesome family, the same few friends, better health, fewer fears, less anger.    Some days I’m cool with that and other days I’m devastated. 

Why I do this

I hate the words journey and process.  Unfortunately those are the two best words to use.  The journey is long and filled with thorns.  The process can be tortuous and filled with challenges I still don’t face very well.  Sometimes I’m so lonely I can barely stand it.  Other times, the idea of being with people freaks me out! 

At times, I’m still confused, disillusioned, lost.  But I don’t think I’m really alone.  I may not know who else is on this journey with me, but I do know many people are.  I can’t be the only one wanting (needing) to reshape my mind, my faith, my body, my spirit, my everything!  I can’t be the only one wanting to think deeper and say what I’m thinking even if it sounds crazy or wrong or silly or naïve.  I can’t be the only one seeking a safe place to just be me.  A safe place to say what I’m thinking, feeling, wanting, fearing.  A safe place where people share their worries and offer support, advice, guidance or just a laugh.  I can’t be the only one struggling with who I am versus who I want to become.    Maybe we can help each other?

What I can do for you

Here on this blog, I’m ready to build a safe place for myself and for others.  I’m ready to walk on this hazardous yet exciting road with other people facing similar struggles.  I’m ready to show me.  Me – with all my imperfections, idiosyncrasies, craziness.  Would you like join me?  I’ll accept you as you are, wherever you are on this journey.    

What I’ve learned about any journey is that I get to decide when to start, when to pause, when to take a few steps back, when to take a few steps forward.  I also get to decide who goes with me – and I choose YOU. 

I’ll show you my crazy if you show me yours!  I’ll be sharing what my brain and heart are pondering.  I’ll share what makes me laugh or cry or mad.  I’ll be sharing my confusions and what I think I may have right (until I’m wrong again). 

Use your real name, use a fake name, I don’t care.  I really am June from Atlanta, GA.  If I write it, it will be real.  All I want is for people to respect each other for who they are and where they are.  All I want is a safe place.

Sign-up, join-in, walk with me.

Let’s move from disillusioned with life to determined to live!

You can follow me on twitter and facebook, you can subscribe right here, or you can email me with questions/comments/concerns.  Whatever works best for you!

Feel free to contact me by clicking here.


  • I live in Atlanta, GA
  • I have two children (age 29 and 19)
  • I have two grandchildren
  • I’ve been married almost 25 years to my high school sweetheart
  • I am mostly through writing my first novel (yikes!)
  • I’ve been in therapy for what seems like forever
  • Sometimes I have it all together and sometimes I’m complete MESS
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read – like, I read 4-5 books a week
  • I like cooking a different meal every night – I hate repeats!
  • I despise leftovers
  • I do meditate but I hate it
  • I like to travel
  • I like to hike
  • I have learned, finally, to enjoy exercise
  • I have one dog
  • I’m 51!  (another yikes)
Anything else I should tell you?? Let me know by filling out my contact form, and I'll get back with you.

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    In April 2012 I had a mental breakdown. The real thing. I have about 36 hours that I don’t remember....

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  • All of my novels, at least so far, have an element of mental illness within a character.  Decide to Hope is the most autobiographical in that I struggle in many ways exactly as the female protagonist. 
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