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A Professional What?

As I write this post, we are in the midst of the COVID-19 situation and everybody's worried and afraid and hidden in their houses. Not fun. Not awful either. It just is.

Today a friend sent me a video about how to survive with teenagers and adult children without killing them. Great video, great information. @melrobbins describes herself as a Professional Optimist.

Not only did the title make me smile, it made me wonder. If I had to label myself, what would I say? I’m certainly not a professional optimist. But I’m not a professional pessimist either. I don’t earn a wage. But I do accomplish, and I do have value for myself, my family, my friends, and my readers.

In the devastation of COVID, I decided to list all of my professions and to keep focused only on those that make me proud to look in a mirror.


  • Reader
  • Idea Generator
  • Laundry Lady (no laughing – clean undies are important)
  • Kitchen Cleaner (my mother would be so proud)
  • Exerciser
  • Scrapbooker
  • Blogger
  • Writer
  • Mother/Grandmother/Wife/Friend
  • Encourager
  • Writing Editor/Critique Partner
  • Queen of Vulnerability
  • Matilda Lover (Matilda is my car)
  • Organizer/Efficiency Expert (well, not expert – but I’m dang good at it)
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Lifelong Educator
  • Money Spender (okay, so that might not be positive – but as the economy hurts, I’ll be injecting cash – clicking ‘buy now’ is not all bad)
  • PB&J maker (really helpful at noon)
  • Ninja Foodi User (I can create anything in that pot)
  • Bill Payer and Checkbook Balancer
  • User of hand sanitizer
  • Index card and purple pen user (I keep these manufacturers in business)

COVID-19 is painful for all of us. I can achieve and accomplish something! My refrigerator will be spotless.

Today, I challenge you to list all the ways you achieve and accomplish. Be creative. If I can be proud of making PB&J and using index cards, you can be proud of small things too.

Turn off the news. Turn on some music. Take five minutes to sit in self-created positivity. Send me your list! Let's see how creative and funny and uplifting we can be.

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